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Woman Untamed

Aug 13, 2019

Tune in today for an honest conversation with Shannon Leigh O'Neill-Loyola,  a multi-sensory energy & bodywork Practitioner & Akashic Records reader. We journey into the watered-down culture of spirituality, the reality of having faith, and the importance of not handing off your power to another. This episode will help you cultivate a deeper sense discernment so you can remain guided by your soul in the sea of spirituality we exist in today.  

Connect with Shannon // @shannon.radical_reiki or!

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Shannon Leigh O'Neill-Loyola is a multi-sensory energy and bodywork Practitioner with over twelve years of professional experience in New York City. Shannon is also a full time online Akashic Records reader and is exploring Curanderismo in her motherland of Mexico. She currently travels between New York City and Los Angeles for in person work performing her signature sessions. Her work in the field led her to be contacted as a "Reiki and New Age consultant" for the acclaimed Showtime series The Affair.